10 Steps to Winning at Online Casinos

The SECRET LOOPHOLE that put the odds in YOUR favor in Online Blackjack

1) Pick a reputable CASINO
Search online to find casinos that are reputable and have good payment histories. All sites on OBS have been personally researched. They have proven themselves to us with fair odds, good customer service, and rapid payments on cash ins. Look for the OBS approved site tag.

2) Find the best ODDS
Not all online casinos offer the same versions of blackjack. The odds can be changed dramatically by adjusting a few of the rules in the house’s favor (such as dealer hitting on soft 17). These adjustments could totally make or break your session. Make sure you know the rules before you play. OBS lists all the rules of approved sites on the rankings page, as well as, the predicted house edge under the particular casino’s rules.

3 ) Use our blackjack strategy cards!
Strategy cards tell you how to play each hand for every possible blackjack scenario. Strategy cards vary depending on the rules the casino is using. Make sure you use the right strategy card for the casino you are playing. OBS offers customized strategy cards for all approved casinos that will maximize your wins.

4) Find the best bonuses
Bonuses are the reason why people gamble online. The online casinos have to provide huge bonuses to draw people in. Most offer at least 100% cash match on your initial purchase. Use sites such as OBS to find the casinos with the best bonuses. Use caution: some casinos offer big bonues, but are not reputable or have poor odds. Also, most have wagering requirements to fulfill before you are eligible for the bonus or cashout. Make sure blackjack wagers count towards the requirements at the casino.

5) Limit your Losses
Limit your losses to your initial chip purchase only. Most bonuses only apply to initial bonuses. If you lose your initial deposit, then it is time to move on to a new casino. This method will maximize your overall wins by getting more introductory cash bonuses at the casinos.

6) Cash-in your Wins
Know how to take a profit. How many times have you had a friend who was up “a couple of grand” only to come back a little later with nothing? OBS recommends the following strategy: Play until you have fulfilled the wagering requirements for the bonus. We recommend playing slightly over the wager requirements to avoid being labeled an “advantage” player by the casino. If you are still ahead after this, the first cash in should occur when you have doubled your initial deposit (not including the bonus.) Cash in 2/3rds of your money, leave the rest to attemp to win more. Continue to cash in half your money every time you double after that. Once you have no money left to play, take your win and time to go to another casino and enjoy another introductory offer.

7) Wager SMALL until meeting wager requirements
By wagering small initially, you increase your odds of being able to fulfill the wagering requirements. Remember, you need to wager at least 9x’s the bonus amount at most of the casinos before you can cash in a bonus (check rules at each casino.) Make sure to check that blackjack counts towards the wager requirements at the particular casino you are playing. By betting small until you meet the wager requirements, you increase your odds of being able to cash in the bonus. Why you ask? Rule 1: Don’t ask why! It’s a mathematical probability thing and it works! :-)

Actually, these strategy cards are designed for you to be around break even in the long run. EMPHASIS on LONG RUN. Hence bet small! Large bets will only break your heart (like my Boston Red Sox). When you bet enough hands to fulfill your wagering requirements, cash out

8) Know your Banking Options
Some casinos won’t accept credit cards for online gambling because the credit card companies do not wish to accept online gambling transactions.

For a list of casinos that almost always accept credit card transactions, click HERE .

Other options for online banking include Firepay and Neteller . These sites are online cash transfer companies that allow you to transfer funds from your bank account , to their site, then to the casino. Both companies are safe, secure, and reputable. Many casinos tack on 10% for deposits made via neteller and firepay increasing your odds even more.

9) Use your Resources
Know where to look online for the most complete, honest, insightful, and useful information about online blackjack gambling. OBS is an excellent starting point. We research much of our strategy cards from many online casinos for you. Avoid cheesy sites that are trying to deceive you.

10) Know Thy Basic Blackjack Strategy
Basic blackjack strategy is simply a set of rules that tells you, the player, the correct way to play your hand. Basic strategy reveals when to hit, stand, or double by taking into account only two factors: your cards and the dealer’s upcard. Basic strategy allows you to win more and lose less.

The following terms are useful when learning basic blackjack strategy:

HARD HANDS: all hands not containing an Ace.

SOFT HANDS: all hands containing an Ace coupled with a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9.

PAIRS: all hands that contain a pair of cards with the same value.

A simplified approach to basic blackjack strategy is as follows:

If you have a 9 or lower, hit.
If you have 10 or 11, double down if your total is more than the dealer’s upcard; hit otherwise.
If you have 12 through 16, hit when the dealer’s upcard is 7 or higher; stand otherwise.
If you have 17 or higher, stand.

If you have 13 through 18, double down when the dealer’s upcard is 5 or 6.
If you have 17 or lower, hit.
If you have 18, hit when dealer’s upcard is 6 or less; stand when dealer’s upcard is 7 or more.
If you have 19 or higher, stand.

Always split a pair of 8’s or Aces.
Never split 10’s, 4’s, or 5’s.
Split all other pairs when dealer’s upcard is 6 or less.


STRATEGY CARDS: Use our strategy cards! They are based off of the Basic BlackJack Strategy and optimized for each casino.