Why Playing Online is Better

online or offline? The reasons to play online!

Top 10 Reasons TO Gamble Online

10) Take your time: No time limits for a bet. Plenty of time to look up what the BlackJack Strategy card says.
9) Privacy: No telling anyone what you’ve been up to. Security in the privacy of your own home.
8) Lower table requirements: Most online casinos have blackjack minimum wagers of $1.00. Try to find a table like that in Atlantic City.
7) Credit Card transactions without fees: No fees to pay if you use a credit card to play (very dangerous if you can’t afford to lose.)
6) Convenience: The online casino is always only a few keystrokes away 24/7 round the clock. No added travel expenses to get to the casino.
5) Multiple blackjack game variations: Easy to find single deck, multiple deck, and other blackjack variations all in the same casino.
4) No annoying players: Don’t let that sucker at the end of the table split 5’s and take the bust card. (yes, we know this shouldn’t effect our odds, but it’s still painful to watch)
3) No added expenses: No need to tip the dealer. No outrageous food prices when you finally have to take a break. No tax reporting to the government.
2) Introductory bonuses: online casinos give out more money for introductory offers because they need to entice gamblers to give online gambling a try
1) Play in your birthday suit: Try doing that in AC or Las Vegas. You’re still an online blackjack virgin until you have had some action while playing blackjack online!!

Best Overall Reason? The ODDS. Online Casinos can beat the odds in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Check it out on our Blackjack Strategy.

Top 10 Reasons TO Gamble Offline

10) Banking: It’s just not as fun when you win and have to wait a few days to a few week to get your money. We highly recommend you stick with well known onine casinos such as those found on
OBG. Banking is the most annoying part of online gambling.
9) Free Booze: We have repetitively emailed and telephoned the online casinos to pay for our massive drinking bills to no avail!
8) Cocktail waitresses: Who doesn’t like to look at a good piece of tail while winning some money? Seeing pics online just isn’t quite the same.
7) Regulation: When your in AC or Las Vegas, you KNOW its regulated. You have to be careful online. Stick with the reptable casinos.
6) Selection: More games to play besides for blackjack (although the odds are not as good on the other games.)
5) Entertainment: No doubt about it, the nightlife and shows in Las Vegas are much more exciting than anything online.
4) Food: Ok, so that snack in the fridge isn’t quite as good as 5 star dining.
3) People: This is both a plus and minus. You can meet some really interesting people, or even pick up a date while playing 21 in a casino.
2) Atmosphere: The impressive architecture of a casino is just so inspiring and makes gambling fun.
1) Unlimited stakes: Many online casinos will put limits at $100 per hand. This is high enough for us, but you never know.

Bottom Line: We like both online and offline gambling for different reasons. Atlantic City and Vegas make fun trips, but online gambling is more profitable and more convenient on a regular basis.