Online Blackjack Strategy Cards

How to play our recommended Casinos

Our Secret Loophole: Use our customized Strategy Cards religiously and bet the minimum – YOU WILL WIN in the long run! You can’t do this at physical casinos!

Each casino we recommend is carefully researched for what the best play would be given a combination of 3 things: Your 2 cards and the dealer’s card.

The result is a grid, like a multiplication table. It is simple to use – look at your 2 cards, find either the sum of the cards ( 9+7 = 15) or the combination (A,2) on the left side and then scroll across the row until you are under the dealer’s card. The box will tell you what to do (Hit, Stand, sPlit the pair or Double down). Click here for a sample.

These strategy cards tell you what to do, and are optimized for each online casino’s software program. You should always use these playing guides when you play. Unlike physical casinos, they are COMPLETELY LEGAL to use while playing!

Take advantage of these strategy cards . They work. These cards are the foundation of your mathematical advantage in beating the casinos!