Be The Dealer Casino

Overall Score: 9.0/10

A unique site where you actually get to be the dealer against other live human players. For every dollar wagered as a player, you get to be the dealer dollar for dollar. The casino is licensed in Curacao and operated in the Isle of Man.

House Edge: 7/10
House edge as player is 0.78%. Commission as dealer is 1.5%. Although there are better odds out there, getting to be the dealer is just so much fun!!! You get to see what idiots people can be while playing blackjack. We have seen players double on 12’s, split 5’s, take insurance, etc. So, although the commission is 1.5% as the dealer, we have profited from this site because people don’t follow the proper strategy.

Payment History: 8.5/10
Responded fast to our wins. Very reliable and honest. Paid us with cashiers check. Required additional paperwork to send check. Check arrived in 11 days. Funds placed on hold for 3 days. Does not offer fireplay to pay for payment of winnings.

Bonuses/Comps: 7/10
They offer 20% match on the first 200 dollars. They offer 200% bonus credit points (used to be the dealer) on the first deposit. When you get to be the dealer, you don’t need a huge bonus to make profits.

Graphics: 9.5/10
When you get to be the dealer or the player, the graphics have to be good. Boy are the. This site is so much fun to play. Unique proprietary software for one of a kind fun as the dealer.

Customer Support: 8/10
Good support. Live 24/7 email support, toll free fax. Does not currently have a toll free phone suppport line.

Blackjack Rules/Variations:
Single hand as the dealer or the player. House edge 0.78 (as player) Commission as dealer 1.5%. Rules: 6 decks, original bets only lost in blackjack, double any 2 cards, no double after split, dealer hits on soft 17, up to 1split, No surrender, 1 card on split aces.

Banking: 8.5/10.
Accepts credit cards, Firepay, Netpay, Wire transfers. Our credit cards did not work on this site being denied by the banks due to not wanting to accept gaming transactions.

What We Have to Say:
This site is so much fun. Getting to be the dealer is such a great thing. It’s fun to see other people make poor bets. We wish the house edge and commission were a little lower, but still ample opportunity for profit.. Highly recommended site. You have to try being the dealer at least once in your life!